The Cuphead Show Countdown

The digital lead up and launch campaign for season 1 of Netflix's The Cuphead Show.

The Challenge

Our friends at Netflix came to Sigil with a unique challenge.

Netflix was releasing a new series based on the hit video game Cuphead. Cuphead already had a hardcore following online, making it a juggernaut of the indie-video gaming space. Netflix wanted to create an interactive campaign that drove awareness and buzz while engaging both hardcore & new fans for multiple weeks in the lead up to the show’s launch.

No sweat, right? There were a few more twists...

Netflix specifically said "we don't want to make a bad marketing game version of Cuphead, no one will want to play that…. AND we can’t give away any REAL world prizes or do any contests.”

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Web Design and Development
Social Media Production
Photo by Minh Pham

"Working with Sigil was a fantastic experience. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results of this Cuphead Campaign."

Ben George, Creative Marketing at Netflix

Our Approach

We worked with Netflix to architect a mobile first experience.

It was designed around a multi-touchpoint weekly set of challenges and tasks for the Cuphead community. We paired all of the tasks and challenges around the different social channels that had engaged Cuphead fans; Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Twitch, Tiktok, Youtube, etc.

Additionally, we needed to keep the users coming back. So we aligned every task and challenge with exclusive digital ‘surprises’ that users can unlock every week. The fans flipped out over exclusive gifs, unreleased footage, and secret messages from Cuphead, Mugman, and even the Devil himself!

The Results

Over 20k unique users visited the site on the first day of the site with only organic and word-of-mouth driving to the site.

Users spent on average over 3 minutes on the site and 30% of users came back each week to take on the new set of tasks and unlock new digital surprises.

Each week we had a big ‘unlockable challenge’ that was designed to be nearly as difficult as the Cuphead game. Those unlockables featured digital surprises of unreleased clips from the Cuphead Show.

Each video that was unlocked had over 1.2M views each. A total of over 5 million views across the 4 clips we released.

1.6 Billion

Total Web and Social Impressions


Unique Authors

275 Million

Total Reach

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