NCAA College Basketball AI Predictions

Using Google AI to watch realtime NCAA college basketball games and deliver dynamic ads with predictions and data during the game.

Video Case Study

Know What Your Data Knows

Through Google Cloud, we successfully crafted a live product demonstration during the NCAA College Basketball season. Utilizing data from the game's first half, we created a compelling 30-second ad scheduled to air at the beginning of the second half. Despite facing an incredibly tight deadline, we pioneered innovative methods for ad production, secured necessary approvals, and efficiently managed ad distribution. This endeavor showcased our confidence and expertise in navigating complex challenges behind the scenes.

Premade assets able to make 100k unique of 30-second ads.
Game's 2nd-half predictions made from 1st-half data.
Ads made and trafficked in less than 10 minutes.

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The Results

Businesses learned they could use Google Cloud to "know what your data knows."

43 Million


+91% Increase

Product Interest

+42% Increase

Brand Search Volume

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